Copyright © 2011 Ralph Lauren Media LLC; Privacy Notice; Terms of Use Metallic paint adds a feeling of warmth. If you don’t like Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic Paint then you just don’t know how to paint. For those colors requiring use of Deeptone Primer, we suggest painting two coats on a 1ft. x 1ft. area. Thinking about painting your home using Ralph Lauren metallic paint colors.

Ralph Lauren’s Regent Metallics line of paint combines sophisticated, classic shades of bronze. How well does Ralph Lauren Metallic paint cover the wall. Do you need to use a base color and then apply the metallic or can you just use the metallic on a white wall. We would greatly appreciate any advice and recommendations from those of you who have experience using and living with Ralph Lauren metallic paints. Take a look at the sample palette and gain some inspiration.
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How to Use Ralph Lauren Metallic Paint
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